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These Were the Blog That I Visit All Were Very Well and With Many Photos


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English is a language that must be learned considering that universally it is much used as language of reference and very commercial.

The classes that I study it are of big importance and the group of persons and partners that study with me English course, are good and very agreeable.

As part of the final project of this course, think to publish in my Blog, a brief summary of the activities developed during the course: food habits, sports, activities of daily routine, parts of the body and state of the health.

I add as part of the development of the work, a compilation of the made homework during the course, with drawings and graphs.

Hello this is my blog!!!!1

My name is: Veronica Cumare
Age: 18 years
Place: Maracaibo, zulia (Venezuela)
I like listening to music, to cook and to go out to holidays with my friends!
I study in the university: Rafael Belloso Chacin
Career: social communication
Trimester: 2nd

UNIT 9 Broccoli is good for you

1-Write what you eat and much you eat?
I eat a lot aft fish, paste, rice, chicken, pizza.
Sometimes I eat some like, meat, hamburger, hot dog,
I usually eat a little of potato broccoli, vegetables.
2. What do you usually have for breakfast?
t usually have bread and coffe
3. What time do you usually have lunch?
I usually have lunch af 12:00 m
4. Do you ever go to a restaurant on weekends?
Yes, I usually go to tony's romas

UNIT 10 You can play baseball really well


1-What your name?
- My name is Juan
2-Do you like sports?
- Yes I do
3-What sports do you like?
- I like soccer
4-Do you play any sports?
- No I don’t. I play soccer
5-What sports do you play?
- I play soccer.
6- Do you every watch sports on TV?
- Yes, I every watch sport on TV
7-What sports do you watch on TV?
- I watch soccer, baseball and basketball.
8-When do you play?
- I play in the spring
9- Where do you play sports on watch?
- I play watch soccer in my house.
10-Who do you play on what sport whit?
- With some friends from work
11- What are your favorite sports team and player?
- My favorite sports team is Barcelona and Messi
12- What do you think of favorite sports?
- I think it’s good.
13- What can’t do you, what are ability and talent?
- I can’t play skiing, my ability and talent are play sport sing, write and study

UNIT 12 what’s the matter?

Veronica: Good morning Dr Garcia!! How are you?
Dr: Garcia: Good morning miss Cumare fine and you?
Veronica: Oh!! I’m not so good.
Dr: Garcia: why? What’s the matter?
Veronica: I have headache!!
Dr: Garcia: Ah ok!! Maybe you have the flu. I’m going to exanimate you.
Veronica: ok
Dr: Garcia: Hmmmm!! You have the flu and fiver
Veronica: I terrible
Dr: Garcia: I’m going to give you some pills
Take one pills every night after dinner
Veronica: Alls right thanks Dr Garcia!

UNIT 13 You can’t miss it?

UNIT 13 You can’t miss it?

A: Where’s kapital?
B: Kapital is on la Limpia Avenue
A: How do I get to Kapital?
B: Go up la limpia avenue walk up three blocks kapital is on la limpia next to Centro 99
A: Ah!! Ok tanks you very much!! Sorry!! Where’s Maracaibo infantile??
B: Maracaibo infantil is in from of kapital
A: Ok!! Thanks!!